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Trainer and the Client
MacActual client who lost 30 pounds


I train competitive athletes of all ages who must be pushed hard to progress in their performances, conditioning and strength.

I also train less competitive populations of all ages who need more of an emphasis on moderation, accountability and motivation.

With MAC's exercise program, expect:

• to speed up metabolism
• to improve athletic performance
• to improve flexibility & range-of-motion
• to reduce risk of heart disease
• to increase lean muscle
• to sleep better
• to increase bone density
• to look better

MAC specializes in

safe effective private personal training tailored specifically to suit your goals and preferences. Improve your quality-of-life, reduce your risk of osteoporosis, improve cholesterol and blood pressure levels.

• Motivation

• Expertise

MAC provides athletes sport-specific performance training and conditioning.

Train at MAC's own private studio, or I'll drive to your home, or to a public park or hiking trail.


MAC's Studio offers a massage traction table:

A chiropractic table on which you lie relaxed as therapeutic rollers glide up and down your spine, supplying synovial fluid to your lumbar, thoracic, and cervical regions to promote healing.

MAC LLC provides

consultation on healthy eating, helping you to avoid poor eating habits and common traps, as well as dispelling diet and food myths.

Always attentive, conscientious and courteous service.

• bottled water • client-trainer confidentiality • very competitive rates